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Gabriel - Kingdom Advisor
"If we are to unite the Divided Lands; we will need to harness the power of magic! When you face an opponent who has carefully chosen their Battle Deck, you must ask yourself if you have done the same?

Let us discuss this matter of magic and the wonders that cards may hold if used properly. Their abilities or effects must be understood in order to conquer all who dare face us, even the "noobs".

Ultimate Cards

These Cards hold extremely powerful spells, but they can only be crafted by using Magic Dust!

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Card ArcaneArmor
Card BatteringRam
Card Dragon
Card FireRain
Card IceDragon
Regular Cards

Cards are crafted at the Card Crafter’s tent, only fate will determine which Cards you receive.

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Card AcidBlast
Card ArcaneMissile
Card ArrowVolley
Card BattleTroop
Card BloodPack
Card BoulderLaunch
Card ChainLightning
Card Command
Card HasteBoots
Card HealingPotion
Card IceBlast
Card ShadowDust
Card TakeOver
Card Thunderstorm
Card TNT

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